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Veggie food products


Veggie meatballs and burgers

Varachaux breaks ground and now offers vegetarian products in addition to its range of meat.

With a new equipment and a dedicated line, the products are 100% vegetarian guaranteed and the risk of cross contamination is absent.

From legumes, cereals, vegetables and herbs, the products are cooked to develop flavors and texture.

Aperitif bites, pan-fried vegetables, meatballs or burgers are an essential base of today’s culinary trends: vegetable proteins, “veggie” trends, but also 100% French or organic products.

Ex: falafels, tex-mex medallions, lentil, polenta, and rice meatballs.

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Products organically produced

Because we want to respond as best as we can to the growing demand regarding organic products, we decided to provide consumers with organically produced products.

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Ground vegetarian product

From Vegetable proteins, nature-based or seasoned, raw or cooked, the ground vegetarian product is a great ingredient in your culinary preparations

According to the chopping blades and grids, your product will accommodate more a pizza, a sauce, a sandwich or a salad.

Developed from soybean, pea protein, wheat or any other vegetable protein, the flavor of your product is a texturized, vegetable-based meat-like product or, on the contrary the flavor maintains the characteristics of a real vegetarian product.

Veggie news

Because we want to help you creating new veggie recipes for your consumers , we have also created new shapes and filled products (coextrusion)