Varachaux EN

R&D dedicated to innovation

Our R&D department is made up of an R&D manager, a project manager and a culinary technician. Dynamic and responsive, this service finds technical solutions to adapt to your requests. The products are “tailor-made” in small series.

The R&D department has a pilot workshop which make the transition to an industrial scale once the product has been validated easier.

The project that you leave with us is studied according to your application (sterilization, cooking, reheating by the consumer) and samples are sent with a technical sheet and a quotation.

In collaboration with a network of suppliers, Varachaux selects the most suitable ingredients. We use clean label ingredients and reduce salt intake in our formulas. We also handle specific requests such as BIO, halal, kosher or for an allergic consumers.

We pay special attention to taste. Thus, all our recipes are elaborated by a cook.

The tasting box, what is it?

It is a package containing many of our innovations grouped around a common theme (forms, plant …). This box is intended to give you ideas, suggest creative tracks.

Find Varachaux meat products on video :

This video is only available in French, please excuse us for the inconvenience.