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Varachaux launch its website !

The Varachaux website has a new look: a brand new interface for an improved experience ! Completely modernised, our site has undergone several optimisations: a new section presents the history and specificity of this family-based SME, a second expose our

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Finger Food

Do you know the « finger food » ?

You don’t ? Well, it’s quite simple, this term can be easily translated into French as “food that is eaten with the fingers”. Close to tapas, the concept comes straight from the United States: inspired by the development of fast

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Nicoise Salad with polenta stamps

The niçoise salad with polenta stamps

There’s so many debates about the niçoise salad : while Auguste Escoffier, famous French chef persists in adding rubber green and potatoes into it, the real nissart are not joking on this point. There are unanimous : there aren’t any

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50 year anniversary

Varachaux is turning 50 !

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Varachaux opened the doors of its factory to its employee relatives and former staff members. In small groups, they were led to discover or witness changes in the production lines. PThen young and

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