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Meatballs and burgers

Different preparations and processing

Raw or baked, plain or cooked, with the possibility of flavoring and / or incorporating vegetables, our products can be used in many applications.

Our meatball range is very diversified.

We can offer 3 types of cooking :

Nous proposons aussi trois types de cuisson pour vos boulettes :

Veggie Meatballs and burgers

Our vegetarian recipes are healthy but also terribly gourmet!

Possible applications

The meatballs and burgers may be used for many recipes: bologna, burger, on a pizza, in a salad…


Products cooked in oven

plat cuisiné

Convenience food

plat en soupe

Snack et soups



agriculture biologique

Products organically produced

Organic products are more and more popular and the final consumer wants his needs to be responded.Varachaux is able to offer meatballs and burgers organically produced.